Mrs. Rigsby's Class 2018- 2019

Class Supply List
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Class Supply List

Class Supply List:
To be shared in class:
*2 packs of presharpened pencils
*1 pack of pencil top erasers
*1 pack of glue sticks
*1 box of Kleenex
*1 container of Lysol/Chlorox wipes
*1 pack of post-it notes

For individual students:
*standard size pencil box
*colored pencils
*markers (optional)
*dry erase markers
*dry erase eraser
*individual white board
*(3) 1 subject spiral notebooks (red, blue, & yellow please)
* headphones  
Wish List:
*extra dry erase markers
*extra highlighters
*amazon gift card (to buy literature sets & read alouds for the class)
*Lakeshore gift card (teacher supplies)
recommendations for educational ipad apps that your children enjoy 

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